These graphics may help motorists identify
the entrance to Marian Woods




(1) The Entrance appears suddenly on Ridge Road. Look for the double stone columns and the brown sign on the right (and also on the left) of the entrance road.





(2) The Signs read:
the name of the Park
in which Marian Woods is located.

(There is an identical sign facing
Ridge Road from the
opposite direction.)


(3) Direction Sign inside the gate

  • On entering, this sign will be directly ahead.
  • Follow the road to the left, a long winding wooded driveway leading up a gentle grade to the Convent.
  • At the top of the road, bear to the right for the parking lot.




    (4) The Parking Lot is located just below
             the Convent Building shown here.

    (5) The main entrance to the building is
             at the top of the walk.